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Pico Duarte

The highest mountain peak in the Caribbean.

The highest mountain peak in the Caribbean, rising at 3,087 meters (10,125 feet), Pico Duarte is tucked amid the two national parks of Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez, and is reachable in two or three-day excursions depending on the chosen route.

The two-day Jarabacoa-Manabao-La Ciénaga-Compartición-Valle de Lilís-Pico Duarte route is the most popular one. All hiking routes guarantee amazing views of tropical, pine, mountain broadleaf, and cloud forests. An official guide and mules for food and bags must be arranged through your hotel or at the La Ciénaga government campsite, at the entrance to Armando Bermúdez National Park. Along the hike, nights are spent at the Compartición or Valle de Lilís official camping grounds.

The hike requires a decent level of fitness and endurance–come prepared with hiking boots and layers of clothing for the cold temperatures. Hiking to Pico Duarte is definitely one for the Caribbean traveler’s bucket list.

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