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Alterra's Villas & Suites

Discover the ultimate oasis where luxury and nature seamlessly converge, nestled in the heart of Jarabacoa's breathtaking mountain forests in the Dominican Republic. Our villas offer an exclusive retreat, embracing the elegance of nature's luxury.

Alterra Registry Collection Jarabacoa By Wyndham

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Dominican Republic

Luxury villas and nature's splendor all present at Alterra in Jarabacoa. Alterra Registry Collection Jarabacoa is where wellness and nature blend seamlessly. In the Dominican Republic, find your sanctuary amidst lush landscapes, designed for healthful living. Alterra is more than a home; it's a harmony of luxury and serene life.



Luxury Villas


New Life!

Alterra's Amenities

Alterra enjoys and exposes the full nature of Jarabacoa, our villas and property are nested in the lush mountains with no escaping the wellness this ecological heaven offers.

Alterra Village amenities, Jarabacoa villas for sale


Alterra Village amenities, Jarabacoa villas for sale


Alterra Village amenities, Jarabacoa villas for sale

Pine Forest

Alterra Village amenities, Jarabacoa villas for sale


Alterra Village amenities, Jarabacoa villas for sale


Alterra Village amenities, Jarabacoa villas for sale


Luxury in Jarabacoa

Welcome to Alterra, a Registry Collection by Wyndham, As the founder and CEO, it's my pleasure to invite you into a world where luxury meets nature. Alterra offers an unforgettable experience, blending the amazing beauty of Jarabacoa and the unique exclusive luxury of our oasis.

Join us, and discover a retreat where every moment is a treasure, waiting just for you. Welcome to your home away from home.

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Luxury Jarabacoa Villas

All in One Wellness


Spa & Art

Relax and heal

Innovative spa concept blending wellness and artistry for a holistic healing experience. Embracing art as a core element of our wellness philosophy, we will offer a unique approach to rejuvenation and well-being. Our treatments and environments will be designed to nurture the soul, stimulate creativity, and promoting physical health, setting a new standard for holistic care.


Fitness Concept

Creation of Personalized Workouts

Our future gym will redefine holistic fitness, blending comprehensive assessments with tailored classes for all levels. Anticipate diverse offerings from spinning to Pilates, and innovative spaces like a dance studio and Kinesis corner. Focused on injury prevention and rehabilitation, our approach ensures a forward-thinking journey towards wellness.


Yoga & Meditation

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Practices

Our upcoming yoga and wellness sanctuary will offer a transformative blend of traditional and contemporary practices. Expect spaces for meditation, dynamic yoga classes for all skill levels, and wellness workshops designed to to take you on a journey of tranquility and rejuvenation.


Outdoor Concept

Reimagined Outdoor Living

Our upcoming project will immerse you in the heart of nature, offering a comprehensive range of outdoor activities, from walking and jogging trails (1-5km), cycling paths, and versatile workout stations. Engage in group exercises, water sports, and horseback riding, all set within stunning natural landscapes. Designed for discovery and wellness, our activities promise an active, enriching outdoor lifestyle.


You will love Alterra!

Explore why guests and property owners love Alterra, cherish the unmatched experience we offer. Here, every visit and every moment for our permanent residents are crafted to enrich lives, enhance wellness, and ensure that every second is lived to its fullest potential.

Alterra Latest News & Blog

Alterra Village, soon home to Registry Collection by Wyndham Hotel, offers a unique blend of mountain serenity and vibrant activities in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. From nature to luxury, we will keep you in the loop through our blog.